2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


Run Time: 87 minutes


Sunday, September 30, 2012


6:30 PM

Adapted from Thom Fitzgerald’s successful theatrical play of the same name, Cloudburst is a humorous, romantic and moving film that proves that love really can endure the most amazing obstacles.

Veteran actresses and Academy Award winners, Olympia Dukakis (MOONSTRUCK) and Brenda Fricker (MY LEFT FOOT), shine in their respective roles as Stella and Dot, a lesbian couple who have lived and loved together for over 30 years.

When the mostly blind Dot (who had years ago been married with children)has a minor accident, her intrusive granddaughter Molly (not getting that Stella isn’t merely Dot’s *best friend*) shows up with the intention of putting her grandmother in a retirement home. Stella, at the best of times a raucous, drinking, swearing, cowboy-hat wearing curmudgeon, visibly objects, but Molly returns with a police escort and takes Dot away from her bucolic seaside home.

Determined to keep her house and family, Stella breaks Dot out of the retirement facility and the two embark on a road trip to Canada to get legally married. Along the way, they encounter a young hitchhiker named Prentice (Ryan Doucette) trying to get to Nova Scotia to deal with a dysfunctional family and a dying mother. He decides to come along for the ride and these three unlikely companions forge an interesting kinship.

CLOUDBURST is an important film, not only because it deals with issues that are currently relevant, but because it delivers a strong message without being didactic or trite. It’s simply a sometimes poignant, often funny, story of a couple whose love and commitment defy the odds.

—Rachel Popowcer

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2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival