2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Facing Mirrors

Facing Mirrors

Run Time: 102 minutes


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


8:45 PM

In a compelling first feature film by Iranian female director Negar Azarbayjani, we are introduced to two very different women; one, a naïve traditionalist forced into an unlikely job because of circumstance, and the other, a wealthy and rebellious pre-op transsexual desperately trying to escape her unchosen fate.

Rana (Ghazal Shakeri) is a dutiful wife who has been covertly driving a cab since her husband went to jail for a debt incurred by a corrupt partner. Already operating out of her comfort zone, Rana is unsure when she is approached by Adineh, or *Eddie* to travel miles beyond the city limits. Eddie offers her triple the fare, and Rana, out of overwhelming need, accepts.

As the drive progresses, Rana grows increasingly apprehensive about her unusual passenger, especially when an overheard cell phone call reveals that Eddie’s father has sent the police to bring her back home. Eddie explains that she is attempting to flee to Germany to escape a marriage arranged by her father. She plans to get a sex reassignment surgery and hopes to also find a more welcome environment in which to recover. Rana, unable to deal with this shocking (for her) information, panics and veers into the path of a bus. She is injured and when Eddie helps her, a friendship, that at first seemed implausible, is formed.

The first Iranian film with a transgender protagonist, Facing Mirrors is a fascinating dual character study that explores the rare solidarity that is sometimes achieved through mutual oppression

—Rachel Popowcer

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  • Director: Negar Azarbayjani
  • Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Country: Iran
  • Language: Farsi with English subtitles
  • Tags: Full Feature | Tues, Oct 2nd

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2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival