2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
North Sea Texas

North Sea Texas

Run Time: 96 minutes


Friday, September 28, 2012


7:00 PM

Equal parts heartwarming and heart breaking, NORTH SEA TEXAS is an utterly charming coming of age story set in the 1960’s about a boy and the longtime love he has for his neighbor.

Pim and his mother, Yvette, live in a quiet but picturesque Belgian town along the North Sea. Yvette has a past as a beauty queen, but her present is a series of boyfriends. Her evenings are spent at the local pub, Texas, sometimes playing her accordion but always relishing the attentions of men. Pim spends most of his time quietly drawing or at his neighbor’s house.

And what delights the neighbor’s house holds. Gino, a few years older than Pim, is a handsome, motorcycle-riding boy. His sister, Sabrina, is completely in love with Pim, but unfortunately for her, Pim has long carried a torch for Gino. And happily, Gino returns his affections, at least for a while. Gino makes what he believes to be the "adult" decision to date a girl, leaving Pim broken-hearted. It’s only when Zoltan, a handsome carnival worker, returns to rent a room at Pim’s house that the young man sees another opportunity for love, but his newly single mother also has her sights set on their boarder. With dignity and grace, Pim gradually finds his place in an ever-changing world.

NORTH SEA TEXAS should delight audiences eager for romance, drama, and oddball humor. Thanks to fearless and poignant performances by all the young actors—especially Jelle Florizoone as teenage Pim and Mathias Vergels as Gino—director Bavo Defurne has crafted a sweet and tender portrait of love and family, and the joys and pains of both.

—Elisa McGovern

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2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival