2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


Run Time: 84 minutes


Thursday, October 4, 2012


8:45 PM

The sequel to 2002’s YOSSI & JAGGER follows Yossi a decade after losing Jagger. Recapturing the same spirit, honesty, and tenderness that made YOSSI & JAGGER so poignant, director Eytan Fox once again captures Yossi’s dissonant world in a gentle, compassionate way.

This exploration of making peace with the past to ensure a path to the future depicts universal truths about the power of second chances.

Still closeted, Yossi is now a successful cardiologist whose entire life revolves around his work at a Tel Aviv hospital. His sexuality is not the only thing hidden – his entire life is in lockdown mode. His solitude and anguished existence leaves him secretly exploring online dating sites in his limited free time, and warding off advances from a female colleague at work. When a woman from the past resurfaces, his internal turmoil is aroused and intense memories flood his mind. This encounter unnerves him to the point that he must suddenly leave town. Headed to Sinai, his physical journey from the city of Tel Aviv to the open roads of Israel is perfectly attuned to his emotional experience. His travels on the deserted roads of Southern Israel grant him a chance encounter with a group of stranded soldiers, and for the first time, he finds himself craving an end to his emotional hibernation.

Reprising his role as Yossi, Ohad Knoller’s performance is outstandingly cautious as it reveals the gradation of Yossi’s change from an emotional shut-in to a man learning to live again.

—Erika Lee Turner

Sponsored by Jewish Federation of New Mexico

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2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival