Born to Fly

Born to Fly

Run Time: 82 Minutes


Oct 18, 2014


3:00 PM

This exuberant documentary portrait of Extreme Action Company’s choreographer, Elizabeth Streb, and her life-partner, Laura Flanders, features spectacular footage of EAC’s daring contemporary dance works which fuse art, action, circus and stunts.

Q: What happens when you cross a post-modern dancer with Evel Knievel?

The answer is found in Catherine Gund’s exuberant documentary portrait of NYC’s Extreme Action Company, led by choreographer Elizabeth Streb. EAC cross-breeds art, action, circus and stunts to craft daring contemporary dance works. The company’s “PopAction” aesthetic demands Herculean efforts from its hyper-fit and fearless young dancers, who candidly relate the exhilaration, exasperation, matchless highs, and desperate lows of the extreme dance lifestyle.

Streb reflects on her childhood and her role models (like dance doyenne Trisha Brown.) Archival footage blends with intimate coverage of her home life with partner, journalist and author Laura Flanders.

Gund’s film highlights Streb's astonishing explorations of art and motion, while contemplating both the physical and social potentials of the body in action. It culminates in an extraordinary dance sequence you can’t miss!

(Thanks and credit to Rob Avila for the synopsis.)

Sponsored by Creative Albuquerque

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