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Girls Lost

Girls Lost

Run Time: 102 Minutes


Thursday, October 13th


8:30 PM

For Kim, Momo, and Bella, middle school is hell. Their love and friendship unites them. But a mysterious flower blooms overnight in Bella’s greenhouse, and they discover its surprising power: A few drops of the flower’s nectar temporarily transforms the girls into boys. 

The gender change has a profound effect on the girls. They see their male classmates playing soccer, and instead of receiving abuse, they are welcomed. The confidence they experience remains after they return to school as girls. But for Kim, being a boy is not only powerful, it is an affirmation. Complications arise when boy-Kim falls for petty thief Tony, and girl-Kim’s appetite for gender swapping surpasses Momo and Bella’s.

Director Alexandra-Therese Keining imbues her film with a hypnotic quality that echoes the drug-like effects of strange flower. Like a haunting dream, GIRLS LOST offers no easy answers but instead asks viewers to reflect on the perception of gender and how that perception can affect our actions.       – Elisa McGovern

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