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I Promise You Anarchy

I Promise You Anarchy

Run Time: 88 Minutes


Saturday, October 15th


9:30 PM

A gritty, visually arresting portrait of contemporary Mexico City, this spectacular new drama from writer-director Julio Hernández Cordón follows a pair of skateboarding paramours who revel in their blissful sexuality while making a living through black-market blood trafficking. With drug-related violence at an alarming high, business in the underground blood trade proves lucrative for the charming, entrepreneurial Miguel, who orchestrates groups of his friends and neighbors to get “milked,” as he calls it. As the demand for blood and the size of the jobs increase, he enlists his bisexual, rough-around-the-edges lover Johnny as his business partner. However, as the stakes start to rise, Miguel and Johnny quickly find themselves in over their heads. 

With a sophisticated, assured screenplay that never feels heavy-handed, impressive performances from its cast of unknowns (the director found both of the leads via Facebook), and raw, realistic cinematography that calls to mind some of Gus Van Sant’s best work, I PROMISE YOU ANARCHY is a powerful, daring tale of young love in the seedy underbelly of Mexico’s capital.

Sponsored by:

Community Partner: Corpus Arts

  • Director: Julio Hernández Cordón
  • Country: Mexico
  • Language: Spanish with English subtitles
  • Awards: Winner: BEST FILM Baja International Film Festival
    Winner: BEST ACTOR Havana Film Festival
  • Tags: Full Feature | Sat, Oct 15th

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